UNATION Launches Ticketing

In UNATION by John Bartoletta

We are proud to announce that UNATION has recently unveiled a new feature to our already robust event discovery and promotion platform. As of April 15th of this year, any user can add the ability to sell tickets to any event they create on UNATION.

All a user has to do to implement this feature is to securely connect their bank account (using Stripe) to their existing UNATION account and start selling. They can create multiple ticket levels, add descriptions, add promo codes, and more.

One of the differentiating factors of the UNATION ticketing platform is the depth of reporting and important data that the event creator will have access to in real time. From payment reports, to check in reports, attendee reports, ticket sales reports and a robust registration section, an event creator will be able to make quick decisions around their event.


Another great plus of the UNATION ticketing platform is our mobile access. A user can create an event and add tickets to that event from inside either our iPhone or Android application. We feel this is something that the market desperately needs, as there are currently no other major event websites or applications where you can create an event and add tickets from a mobile application. Of course a user can easily purchase tickets from inside our app as well. We are very proud to lead the charge in the marketplace of mobile ticketing.


A special thanks to our world-class product and technical team members who worked diligently  to bring ticketing to life in 2016.

To learn more about our ticketing platform, visit www.unationtickets.com